A Clogged Drain? When Should You Call a Plumber

A clogged drain is a common problem most homeowners encounter. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the toilet, kitchen sink, tub, or shower—it’s always an emergency for a homeowner. Sure, it’s easy to fix a clogged drain issue, but some people are uncomfortable doing it themselves. They may not have the time or skills required to do the job correctly.

Before you call a professional plumber to help you clear out the clogged drain in your home, there are a few things you need to know. Read on to learn more!

The Reason for Clogged Drain

Drains clog for various reasons, and it has something to do with what you directly put into them. Most include food particles, dirty hair, toilet paper, and sewage. Every bit of them is pulled down by the water flow and scattered down the pipe.

The problem is that it ends up at the drain’s wall. Since the drain pipe is relatively small, it can’t handle all the material that went down. This results in blockage and clogging.

You’ll know when the sink or tub water starts to drain slowly and keeps running, even after it’s full. Other signs include a slow toilet or shower and a sluggish toilet flush.

Can You Unclog Your Drain on Your Own?

Of course, you can. You just need to try it and do it yourself. Doing this can save you time and money. Depending on the extent of the clog, it only takes a few minutes to uproot the clog or more.

To unclog a drain, you have to do the following. It’s easy, straightforward, and very efficient.

  1. Take the plunger and hold it upside down with the opening facing the drain. Using a plunger with a cup type is better than none.
  2. Insert the plunger into the drain and start pressing it down. The plug has to be firm enough so that it can force the clog down.
  3. Take a bucket, fill it with a gallon of hot water, and pour it down the drain. Let it run. Repeat the process until the water runs freely.
  4. If the clog doesn’t go away, repeat the process until it does.

Always remember not to use harsh chemical products. The worst thing you can do is use an acidic solution that can harm you and your family. Do not also use any object, such as a wire, to unclog the drain, or you’ll only damage the pipe. You can use a plunger instead since it’s safer.

When to Call the Plumber

If you’re not confident about your skills or the situation only worsens, call in a plumber. After all, it can be tricky to tell how nasty a clog is. They can deal with any level of severity, so it’s best to have them come out and take a look. 

Final Thoughts

It’s always better to be cautious than regretful. These tips might help you if you try them at home. If you think the problem is severe and you can’t do it or are a little hesitant about it, just call a professional plumber to help you out.

No matter the severity of your plumbing issue, the professionals at Wooten Knockout Plumbing can help. We have the best plumbers in Tulsa to take care of any problem you may have. Call us today!


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