The 5 Optimal Moments to Replace Your Old Toilet

Regardless of your bathroom’s size and layout, all homeowners know that a fully-functioning toilet is essential for creating a safe and sanitary home. This vital plumbing fixture helps users maintain good hygiene and sanitation. They also play a crucial role in properly disposing of human waste, preventing illness, and ensuring everyone’s health.

However, their daily use will eventually make them prone to damage. While letting a professional plumber repair your plumbing system can help, remember they won’t always help resolve the problem, especially if you have an older toilet. Therefore, you should learn when to get a new one for your bathroom. 

If you want to maintain a comfortable bathroom and save money on utility bills, this article will enumerate the red flags that you need a new toilet. 

1. Your Toilet Needs Frequent Repairs 

When fixing a toilet, various components in the tank may need repair, like the handle, flapper, and fill valve. Although some of these repairs are simple, they can still be costly and require time. Therefore, you should consider the cost of repairs over buying a new toilet, especially if your current one has other plumbing issues. 

If you plan to change your toilet soon, you can save money by ditching the repairs and getting a new one. It may be a more significant expense initially, but it will ultimately save you money in the long term.

2. It Has Visual Scratches

Nobody wants to sit on one with visual scratches, no matter what toilet model or size you have in your bathroom. Besides being unsightly, they can weaken the fixture’s structural integrity and create areas for bacterial growth. 

Also, cleaning becomes more challenging when your toilet bowl’s surface has scratches. This situation is especially true for older fixtures you’ve cleaned several times. If you notice that you constantly clean your bathroom, you can avoid extra maintenance by replacing it instead of hiring plumbing repairs. 

3. Your Toilet Clogs Frequently 

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a clogged toilet. It’s a problem that can occur anytime, causing inconvenience and discomfort. Unfortunately, that usually happens with older low-flush plumbing fixtures that require multiple flushes and can also experience frequent clogs. 

If you should use a plunger on your toilet more than once a week and are sick of the unpleasant and inconvenient situation, you may need to consider replacing your old one instead of repairing it. The good news is that you can still save water with newer low-flush toilets that work much better than older models.

4. It Has a Porcelain Crack 

You may not think about it much sometimes, but toilets can have hairline cracks in their tanks or bowls, leading to water flooding. Besides being unsightly, these lines can cause leaks. Therefore, you should check for cracks when cleaning your toilet and replace it if you find any. 

If the crack is in the bowl, replacing it’s not as urgent. However, you should still be vigilant because leaks can damage your floor over time.

5. You Want to Save Water and Money 

All homeowners want to maintain a lovely home and save money and water simultaneously. This step is especially true because we face an economic and severe water crisis. And you can do this by replacing your toilet with a low-flush one. 

Low-flush toilets use less than two gallons of water per flush, much less than the older models that used three or five gallons. That way, you can save money on your monthly water bills while becoming an environmentally responsible homeowner. 

Final Thoughts 

Professional plumbing repairs can help address stressful issues, but they’re not permanent fixes, especially if you have an old toilet. You can avoid frequent calls with your plumber, save money on water bills, and create a more aesthetically pleasing home by knowing when to get a new toilet. 

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