When Should You Call A Plumber After Leak Detection?

Leakage issues can be very annoying and ruin your home if they are not promptly fixed. It’s crucial to locate the source of leaks inside your home, but when it comes, you must call qualified plumbers. Many people are tempted to make plumbing repairs themselves because they believe they will save money. Still, in most cases, homeowners would be better off consulting a professional. So when is the right time to call a plumber to locate a leak? There are several signs that there might be a water leak. They will offer a leak detection service to locate the leak’s origin.

Indicators of Leakage

After Hurricane Ida flooded their houses in September, residents of a Rockville, Maryland, apartment were reportedly saved. The following is a list of home leak warning signs.

Puddles On The Floor Or The Walls

Your plumbing may malfunction if you see a wet spot on your walls or flooring. Even though there may be other explanations, these wet areas indicate a water leak. It is best to examine the area where the moisture first developed thoroughly. Wallpaper, ceiling tiles, and flooring should all be inspected.

Unusual Noises Coming from Your Plumbing

You may have a water leak if you hear odd gurgling noises from your pipes or high-pitched whines, whines, hissing, or whistling noises from your water fixtures. Leaks generally bring on these noises and usually denote a plumbing pressure issue. It may be difficult to handle these problems independently; thus, consulting a specialist is advised.

Increased Water Bills

If you discover that your water bill has unexpectedly climbed significantly during the past few months, your plumbing is faulty. Some homeowners make these payments with the expectation that they will diminish over time, but this could mean that your home has a significant leak.

Mold Or Mildew Growth

There is undoubtedly a water leak if you see any mold or mildew on your property. This kind of development is typically brought on by water leaks, which pose a serious health risk.

Humid Or Wet Air 

August is the wettest month, where the annual average humidity can approach 64%. There can be a water leak if the humidity level in your home starts to increase. If you detect an increase in the humidity in your home, it is essential to have this assessed as soon as possible by licensed best plumbers in Tulsa.  Extremely high humidity levels may also indicate the presence of water leaks, so you should check things out immediately before they cause any significant damage.

Areas That Always Have Dampness

Certain areas of your home might be persistently damp because of a hidden water leak. These problems might soon get worse if they are not addressed right away.

Landscaping or Foundation Pools With Water

If there is standing water close to the foundation or landscaping, there is a water leak. This kind of problem typically causes major damage to your home if ignored.

Plumbing Equipment Has Rusted

There can be a leak if you notice any rust on your plumbing fixtures. This may bring on your home’s low water pressure issue. Qualified plumbers use sophisticated equipment like infrared cameras or moisture detectors to determine whether your pipes are leaking. Before performing any residential plumbing repairs, plumber Tulsa is needed to acquire permission.


If you encounter any of these signs, it is time to call a plumber to perform leak detection in Tulsa. You can spend less money in the long run by preventing any significant water damage in your house. Whether your system needs a minor fix or a major overhaul, our plumbers at Wooten Knockout Plumbing will get it back up and running in no time. Among the plumbing projects we undertake are slab leak repair, drain cleaning, sewage cleaning, sewer line replacement, water heater repair and installation, remodeling and new construction plumbing, bathroom fixture repair, and leak detection in Tulsa. Call us at 918-367-8887! 


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