Expert Care: Plumbing Issues That Need a Professional

If you are fond of watching DIY home improvement shows, you know that the TV hosts hate plumbing problems. It forces them to push their deadlines forward and increases their renovation costs. Although their budget is tight, they will never defer any plumbing repair. 

There are plumbing repair jobs that you can do yourself. However, some of them require the attention of a professional. The following are pipe problems that experts should handle:

Advanced Corrosion

Seasoned plumbers would tell you that some piping concerns will become more expensive if you put off repairing them. Advanced corrosion is one such problem. Exposed pipes corrode because of the water or chemical reactions in the environment.  

These pipes may not show any signs of damage, but the corrosion continues to eat through them. It often leads to burst pipes. The best way to deal with advanced decay is to replace the corroded pipes before they give way.

You might find several websites offering tips on how to replace a rusty pipe but attempting to do this is foolhardy. A plumber is needed as he will have the right tools, skills, and experience to replace the line properly.

Excessive Water Pressure

Some people are okay with their water pressure. Others, however, complain about the consistency and pressure in the water delivered to their homes. Attempting to do the job alone might lead to burst pipes.

Pipes that are not correctly installed or have bad joints will most likely develop water pressure problems. You need to have an experienced plumber fix the issue before things worsen.

Damaged Pipe Joints

Damaged joints are among the most common problems that DIY enthusiasts encounter when they try to repair plumbing issues. The truth is that most homeowners cannot identify damaged pipe joints.

They usually replace the entire pipeline because they do not want a similar problem to occur again. Replacing the whole line is a costly endeavor. A seasoned plumber can help you save money by repairing the joint instead.

Clogged Pipes

It is typical for residents to empty their drains using drain cleaners or plumbers’ snakes. While doing so, they might accidentally obstruct the drainage. The best solution for this problem is to call a plumber who knows how to unclog pipes. He can use a drain snake to unblock the drain. 

The good thing about this solution is that it is cost-effective. Attempting to do the job yourself might worsen the issue. Thus, you might need to replace the whole pipe. 

Incorrect Pipe Laying

Pipes that are laid incorrectly or inefficiently will most likely cause a problem. It is challenging to identify inefficient pipe laying. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you call a plumber to resolve the issue. He can fix the problem by laying the pipes correctly.


Some homeowners think that they can repair themselves. However, they often end up spending more money because they end up fixing the same issue repeatedly. A plumber is your best bet when it comes to solving plumbing problems. He can handle complicated repairs, replace old pipes, and perform maintenance on your pipeline.

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