Sewer Line Repair: Causes, Techniques, and Solutions

In the US, public sewer networks span more than 800,000 kilometers. These sewage systems are essential to our daily operations and the public’s health and safety.

Sadly, sewer systems can malfunction and sustain harm, so they require plumbing repair in Tulsa. 

To prevent further, more serious problems and resume normal living when this happens, the sewage line repair method must be completed as soon as possible. However, sewer pipes are a subject about which few people know. They are regularly disregarded in daily life.

Typical Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Being able to rely on one of the big infrastructure systems completely. However, that is not the case. Even without a big calamity, the pipes and lines that deliver water to and from homes and structures can sustain damage.

There are many different ways this injury could happen, but some happen more frequently than others.

The most frequent is pipe cracking caused by changes in temperature.

When the temperature dips below freezing, your pipes could break. As a result, they will crack, which is a problem. Rapid temperature swings may be problematic even though the pipes are designed to withstand minor temperature variations.

In addition, damage from tree roots encroaching on the pipes may likely happen. Although it is challenging to capture in a shot, this is typical in older homes with large trees.

Even after regular use, a sewer system might occasionally experience damage. Although pipes have a lengthy lifespan, they eventually need to be replaced.

Cleanouts are real, and that is a big deal. Cleanouts are crucial, especially if you don’t already have any. Cleanouts are required by the current standards, allowing for thorough drain cleaning and identifying damaged drains.

Techniques For Preventing Damage

Unfortunately, many potential causes of sewer line damage are neither predicted nor preventive. It is even more challenging because the lines are buried in the ground.

Anyone can take various actions to stop these kinds of important problems.

Monitoring your sewer lines is the most crucial thing you can do to ensure their safety. Since they are underground, as we have explained, it is challenging. The great news is that by being aware of their entry and exit points, you can keep an eye out for any problems.

You may quickly find the sewer pipes close to your home by contacting the city maintenance office. They have all those records, so they can provide you with that information.

If you live in an older home, hiring the best plumbers in Tulsa to evaluate the condition of your pipes could be very helpful. Any upgrades would be appreciated and probably less expensive than a full replacement.

Regular Maintenance Options

A crucial preventive measure you can take is to have a routine maintenance schedule in place.

That schedule can seem a little different depending on the requirements of your particular property and the neighborhood. But it should also include regular inspections by a knowledgeable, skilled plumber.

A plumber may thoroughly clean your pipes to ensure all trash is taken out. Using water under high pressure to complete the task works amazingly well.

The other houses should follow good plumbing procedures, and you must also know. By doing that, you can ensure that only the right materials are used to fill the pipes.

The pipes will naturally break if heavy objects (like toys) are forced inside them. Preventing the clogging of your pipes with oils and grease is also a good idea (from the garbage disposal, for example).

Simply put, these problems can be avoided with a little effort.

Indicators and Signs of Serious Problems

While keeping an eye on the condition of your sewage line may be difficult, serious issues are usually easy to spot when they arise.

Sewage line problems must be discovered early to prevent costly and intrusive repairs. Leaking drain pipes might cause issues with your home’s foundation.

When the toilet backs up when you flush and is challenging to clean, it is the most evident symptom that the sewage line may need to be replaced. Even though this can happen infrequently, you ought to be able to fix the problem quickly.

If you use the standard remedy and the clog still exists, it’s time to call a plumber in Tulsa.


In the age of DIY, it can be tempting to take on numerous home improvements and repairs yourself. Sewer line replacement is not something you should attempt on your own.

You must look for and select a reliable plumbing company to complete the work.

Make sure the plumbing company you’re thinking about hiring has the skills required to do the specific service you need. Because there are so many potential plumbing problems, research is essential.

Our plumbers at Wooten Knockout Plumbing will have your system up and running, whether it requires a simple repair or a total overhaul. Among the plumbing projects we handle is slab leak repair, drain cleaning, sewage cleaning, sewer line replacement, water heater repair and installation, remodeling and new construction plumbing, and bathroom fixture repair. Hire the best plumbers in Tulsa today!


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