How to Spot a Hidden Water Leak – Watch Out For 6 Signs!

Did you recently get a larger water bill than usual? In the absence of a utility provider error, there is a chance that your home has a hidden water leak.

The vast majority of leaks are simple to find and fix. However, those hidden behind pipes, walls, or ceilings are typically challenging to locate and may result in costly damage. For instance, discovering a hidden leak may result in mold growth and decomposition, producing a water problem and a possible health risk.

To identify and resolve the matter before it is too late, it is a good idea to become familiar with the typical warning signs of concealed water leaks. A few things to be on the lookout for are as follows: 

Discolored Ceiling 

Any discoloration on the ceiling indicates a water leak.

While discolored spots on the ceiling are typically the result of roof leaks, a spot in the ceiling adjacent to a bathroom can signify a leak there.

Water frequently leaks through the caulk between bathroom tiles, especially in regions where bathtubs are attached to walls. You can also seek leak detection in Tulsa in case this happens. 

Deteriorating Floors

If your kitchen flooring has loose tiles or the caulking has started to peel or split, a concealed leak from the pipe under the floor is most likely to be at fault.

The floor may darken, warp, or become squishy in a bathroom. Carpeted sections may begin to smell musty or become moist in basements with water leaks under the flooring.

Since flooring is a crucial component of your home’s construction, damaging it can be dangerous. Consider correcting them immediately to prevent a complete collapse, which may be expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Mold Development

If mold or mildew begins to appear beneath your baseboard, ceiling, or wall, there is likely a leaky pipe. Mold development must be found and dealt with immediately because it could be extremely dangerous to your health.

If your home is over a few decades old, you should exercise extra caution and check the HVAC ducts and other wet areas for mold/mildew growth.

Anywhere you notice mold growing, get in touch with a pro right once to get it removed. Waiting it out could worsen things and put you in command of a significant issue. To prevent things from worsening, it’s best to seek plumbers in Tulsa, OK. 

Taps With Rubber Washers That Are Worn

Another major reason for water leaks is worn rubber washers on your faucets. It is under the handle, and you may change it if you have access to the required equipment.

The water must first be shut off at the cutoff valve or under the sink. By removing the handles, the gasket may then be viewed.

Many hardware or home improvement stores carry the equipment and third-party gaskets you need to handle this common issue.

Underground Leak

A concealed or subsurface leak often starts in the pipes that connect your property to the meter box. These pipes lie underground, making it challenging to find them.

The following signs, however, lead to an underground water leak: soft or muddy spots in the garden, fractures in the outdoor paving, damp spots in the meter box, puddles of water on the sidewalk, and patches of grass that are notably greener than usual.

Wet Spots

You could occasionally notice a wet spot in your yard or living room. You’ll clean it up carelessly, only to discover when you check it again that it has returned.

This is a signal that there might be a water leak nearby. Because it needs a place to settle, the water accumulates in the damp area. Normal circumstances should cause the area to vanish entirely.


The best plumbers in Tulsa will have your system up and running in no time, whether it requires a simple repair or a total overhaul. Among the plumbing projects we undertake are slab leak repair, drain cleaning, sewage cleaning, sewer line replacement, water heater repair and installation, remodeling and new construction plumbing, and bathroom fixture repair.

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